AHLeGall, mercredi 11 fvrier 2015 - 15:38:31

Michel Ballèvre
Université de Rennes 1, Géosciences Rennes, France
Michel is a metamorphic petrologist and structural geologist who has worked for some time, and still continues to work, in the Alpine and Variscan belts. He is presently undertaking larger-scale syntheses, and therefore developed an interest for palaeobiogeography. Keeping an open mind on ecological processes and their interactions with tectonic processes offers unexpected views on the dynamics of mountain belts.

Antonio Castro
Universidad de Huelva, Spain
Antonio's interest in granite magmatism covers geochemical, petrogenetic, experimental and tectonic relations. He addresses the study of granites under the constraints imposed by phase equilibria. This is the basis for geochemical and petrogenetic modelling. Field relations are essential in these studies, with special emphasis on in situ processes and structural relations with tectonic overprinting.

John Dewey
University of California & University College, Oxford
John is a world-famous tectonician. He worked on a multitude of orogenic belts all around the world. His present in research is focused on the geology of arc/continent collision and the structure and evolution of ophiolite complexes. John is Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Rennes 1.

Eric Gloaguen
BRGM Orléans, France
Eric studies hydrothermal systems and intrusion-related ore deposits covering a broad range of metals (precious, rare-metal, base-metal) in various Archaean to Palaeozoic geological settings - amagmatic, ultramafic to felsic - with a particular focus on the structural controls of ore deposits. He is also strongly involved in international mapping or mining projects mainly in Africa through BRGM projects.

Pavlína Hasalová
Czech Geological Survey
Pavlína is a metamorphic petrologist with special interest in microstructural analysis in combination with mineral equilibria modelling, especially in partially molten systems. Her research focuses on understanding processes controlling melt transport in the crust and genetic link between in source migmatites and related granites. She also studies the role of fluids in partial melting of the continental crust. Her field areas include large anatectic terranes as the Himalayas, Argentina and the Bohemian Massif.

Loïc Labrousse
Université Paris 6, France
Loic is working on (ultra) high pressure metamorphic rocks. His main interest are the rheological impacts of metamorphic reactions during burial and exhumation of the continental crust during collision processes. He spent time documenting ductile strain in the Western Scandinavian Caledonides, and understanding how this relates to eclogitization or partial melting. He also explores the links between strain and metamorphic reactions in experiments and in lithopshere-scale numerical models.

Clare Warren
The Open University, UK
Clare's research centres around the evolution of mountain belts, and in particular the burial and exhumation history of high grade metamorphic rocks. She finds ways to improve geochronological and thermobarometric techniques in order to track rock pathways during burial and exhumation and the timescales over which these processes take place.