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The scientific programme can be downloaded here
It starts on Tuesday 9 June at 8:45 and ends on Thursday 11 June at 12:30.
Oral presentations are planned for 15 minutes each, ideally about 12 minutes + 3 minutes discussion. 30 minutes are allocated for keynotes.


  • Michel BALLEVRE: How fresh-water bivalves record the growth and collapse of the Variscan belt

  • Antonio CASTRO: Granite magmatism of the European Variscan belt. An overview

  • John DEWEY: The role of ophiolites in understanding orogens

  • Eric GLOAGUEN: Ore deposits around the Ibero-Armorican arc and their relations to the Variscan orogeny

  • Pavlína HASALOVA: Pervasive melt flow in continental crust - implication for Variscan anatectic terranes

  • Loïc LABROUSSE: Partial melting and continental subduction: coupling metamorphic reactions and collisional dynamics

  • Clare WARREN: Progress and pitfalls in linking age to stage in metamorphic rocks